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What is the difference between InsurTech Hartford, Hartford InsurTech Hub, Startupbootcamp/Rainmaking, Upward Hartford, CT IFS, NassauRe/Imagine, and Launc[H]artford?

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InsurTech Hartford

InsurTech Hartford is a grass roots organization. It is founded and run by local insurance professionals. The community-focused part of the organization works to incubate a robust InsurTech ecosystem by bringing people together, educating, and promoting startup growth in the region. InsurTech Hartford also offers professional services to help industry organizations innovate.

Hartford InsurTech Hub

In 2017, CT Innovations ran a contest known as Innovation Places which awarded communities funding if they were able to show how the money would be put to good use in helping develop as an innovative community.

A group of representatives from various companies pooled together to help support Hartford develop as an innovative place. The end result was a win for Hartford - a grant focused on three industries: InsurTech, Healthcare, and Advanced Manufacturing. This grant is annual and is matched by corporate partners.

The Innovation Places InsurTech effort is known as Hartford InsurTech Hub.


Rainmaking works to solve challenges across the landscape of innovation. They work with companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 corporates. Rainmaking's multidisciplinary team gathers venture builders, engineers, designers, data scientists and growth experts. Over the last 12 years they have expanded their global reach. There are now 10 Rainmaking Innovation Studios around the world, in addition to Startupbootcamp, an accelerator program, and Talent Garden Rainmaking, workspaces for startups and innovation teams. Note: Rainmaking is the parent company of Startupbootcamp.

Upward Hartford

In 2017, Upward transformed 34,000 square feet in Hartford’s iconic “Stilts Building” into an intersection of innovation. From a humble coworking space to a thriving community hub, Upward Hartford is home to some of the world’s most ambitious change-makers and entrepreneurs who come to connect, collaborate and create with fellow innovators. Upward embraces the shared workspace and coworking movement by bringing diverse groups together in a communal setting.


Connecticut Insurance & Financial Services (CT IFS), formed in 2003, is a statewide initiative of the MetroHartford Alliance comprised of 32 member companies in Connecticut’s insurance and financial services sector. CT IFS’ Board of Directors engages around a shared vision: to create competitive advantages in business attraction and retention, to sustain recruitment and education of a trained workforce and to increase public awareness of the industry’s critical economic importance. CT IFS is a private organization who does a lot for the community. CT IFS weaves InsurTech programming into its events.

Nassau Re/Imagine

Nassau Re is a local insurer housed in the iconic boat building in downtown Hartford. Nassau Re/Imagine was launched to help accelerate Hartford’s transformation as an incubator for insurtech innovation by fostering startups that will attract a new generation of talent to the city and state. They  provide a free, convenient and supportive environment for founders to develop strong business relationships with Nassau Re and other insurance carriers in the area. They want to bring innovation close to their company and employees. Nassau Re wants to support the growth of the Insurtech ecosystem in Hartford. They also want new startups and insurtechs to view Hartford as a choice location to grow their businesss. Lastly, Nassau Re hopes their collaborative strategy will create jobs in Connecticut and attract new investment capital to the region.


As a community, we’ve come together to use the power of innovation to help our city—and our residents—make the next big leap forward. In Hartford, there’s a way for everyone to get involved. We’re building new spaces for innovators to connect in ways that bring new possibilities to life. We’re launching programs that link industry experts with technology pioneers to help shape the future of our connected world. And, we’re connecting the next wave of talent to a whole new set of career opportunities right here in our own backyard.

So, wherever you are today, we value the vision you have for your future, and we look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality in Hartford.

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